Kitchen cook top and hood fire suppression


it happens every day.......

"a fire started in the home when the family dog attempted to reach food that was left there by the owner.

"man resuced from home after fire starts on the kitchen cook top"

"fire crew responded to a fire on the stove top when the resident fell asleep."

The real story is that people are injuried, some die from their injuries. The victims are home owners, fire fighters, house pets and innocent people in ajacent homes.

 Kitchensafe is the most comprehensive solution for kitchen hood and cook top fire suppression.

Kitchensafe has been designed for university campus housing, senior living properties, day care facilities, catering kitchens, break rooms, schools, hospitals, churches, apartments, hotels, custom yachts and homes

The Kitchensafe system can be installed on ANY kitchen range hood.

The Kitchensafe system can be installed in any commercial or residential kitchen that is equipped with residential appliances.

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